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Create Crate 

 Mobile App & Website

Create Crate is a monthly subscription service I created for a project. The purpose of the company is to make crafts a fun and easy family activity! The target audience would be those who loves crafts, and spending time on Pinterest! The goal was to create a simple and modern branding identity which would carry itself into a simple and easy to use website and mobile app. The website mockups were created using Sketch, the logo was created with Illustrator, and the style guide was created in InDesign. Allow me to take you through my process!

Name & Logo Brainstorming

First things first, I had to develop a catchy name and eye catching logo for my new idea, it took a lot of research, sketching, and brain power to finally decide on the name Create Crate. Below you can see some of my initial ideas for names and logo created with those names. Looking back I believe I made the best choice!




The website, where most people will probably first visit and learn about the product. It needed to look attractive from the first page but also easy to navigate where anyone from their teens to the elderly could use it. Here are a few wireframes of the website and below is my final high fidelity mock-up!



High Fidelity Mock-up

App Interface

The goal for the Create Crate app was to put everything in one easy to access place for the user! The overall app needed to be easy to use, and navigate! The look and feel of the app mimics that of the website with use of white space and spots of color to direct the eye throughout. If they have a subscription to the crate the app provides instructions and video tutorials for the monthly project as well as other ideas.  Below are a few screens for the high fidelity mock-ups I created using Sketch. 

Style Guide

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