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Owl in One

App interface & Usability Testing

Owl in One, is an app for Kennesaw State University student to make the site Owlexpress, the campus site for information and resources, easy to use on a mobile device. Right now OwlExpress does not even had a mobile version of the site which can make it difficult to use on a phone which is how most students access it. As a newly formed group Anne, Andrew, and myself set the task to create this app and user test it in a matter of a few weeks. After coming up with our idea Anna and myself created a hi-fidelity prototype using UXPin of what we would like to see in the app, it was a little rough but it got the job done. While we were doing that Andrew created the logo and app icon for us, as well as coming up with the name!

Even though our initial prototype was not the best we still set out to user test it! We created a survey on Qualtrics which included a link to our prototype and passed out QR codes/ the URL around campus, it ended up being semi successful we received about 30 responses overall. Most questions were based on a Likert scale so it would be easier to compare the data. After that we did some in person surveys where we allowed the user to use the app to do set tasks such as register for a parking. We then asked a set of follow up questions which were a little more open ended than those on the online survey.

We took our feedback and added new features to the app, took some away and reconfigured others! The usability testing overall made the app look better and increased usability greatly!

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