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Mobile App

GenC is the app for the on the go designer and artist, its simple layout and easy to use interface makes it perfect for those with very little time! Can be used on the commute to work or while at their kids soccer game. Make beautiful, and easy color schemes with the on the go! Check out my process and usability testing below!


Allen is a young single bachelor who works remotely as a graphic designer for Cox Media. Being in a different time zone he has to work odd hours and sometimes during the evening when he would rather be out with friends. Using GenC he can do work on the go and won't have to miss anything!

Allen Wilkes, 27

Samantha is a mother of 2 and also a freelance web designer. She loves her kids and doesn't want to miss anything! She uses GenC while she's at the park with her kids or waiting in the pickup line at their elementary school. It helps her stay on top of all her projects while keeping up with her kids!

Samantha Williams, 38

Mind Map & User Flow




App Interface

iPhone 7 Copy 4.png
iPhone 7.png
iPhone 7 Copy 3.png

My initial design was bright and colorful and conveyed the theme well, but was over whelming your eyes could not focus. Being to busy takes away from the simplistic and easy design I was originally going for so after asking for recommendations from classmates and many others I developed the following final mock-up!

App Interface


Usability Testing

After getting the design down I created an interactive high fidelity mock-up using InVision and went around campus to get people to test my design. Most people who tested the app were not designers and could understand and easily use the app. The overall findings are below, majority of people rated it fairly high and overall above average.  

System Usability Scale (SUS)




Product Reaction Cards (PRC)
genc word cloud.PNG
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